500 Words per Day

12 Weeks

Writing is this addiction I have. If I don't do it, then I get all cranky and sad and angry. If I do it, I'm flying high for a while until the rush ends. Yet, as much as I want that fix, it can be really challenging to make the time and effort to do so. I suppose if I let it take over my life, then everything would be okay. Except paying the bills and such. We're in need of substantial arts grants, or maybe just in need of a better system altogether that rewards people for doing meaningful things the right way rather than cheating, lying, and stealing.

11 Weeks

Still keeping up. I'm getting close to some serious plot, as if all that's come so far has been pointless. Real problems are beginning to occur. Amazingly the story is still being written. And amazingly I don't hate it yet. This feels pretty good, despite the fact that I'm sure I'm writing all the wrong parts of the story. I think it's all there, but I'm writing about the boring stuff and leaving out the proper details (which is where the whole story happens). But that's what they (whoever they are) invented rewrites for.

50 Days

Wow, 50 days. That's a lot. Ten weeks in fact. I've been at this story for a long time. I wish I could figure out how to push myself into writing more. I think bills are the biggest culprit keeping me from more writing time at the moment. I have to spend enough time working for money that I can still pay those. Money while you sleep is the key to a free, easy life, but who has time for that? So if you have any ideas... Cheers.

45 Days Part 2

With the vacation, I just couldn't do it. Call me lazy! Instead I'm focusing on reading this week. I've sort of hit a writer's block week anyway. The words had been dragging pretty hard last week. So this week I've concentrated on reading and building up the story in my head again. Going back through what I had showed me some stuff I've left out and helped me see where the story could be going, since there still is no end in sight. Happy reading, and then writing.

45 Days

Next week is going to especially difficult as I'm out of town for a few days. My plan is to press myself into writing than usual more when I get back. To catch back up, even if it takes a week or two. I did manage to get ahead a few weeks ago, but that's been dwindling down. I'm happy to be even at the moment. I hope a few days away will allow my creative juices to recharge. I feel there hasn't been enough input to counter balance the output. Some sort of ying and yang evenness must be achieved, like it or not.

8 weeks

I am keeping pace still, but I did lose a bit of my "ahead" work/words. So I guess I was a little subpar this week. I'll take it. There has been a few tight deadlines that have hit this week. So I'll hide behind those excuses while I have a slower week. But we're keeping at it, and that's what's important. I suppose I might be more than one-quarter done now. That would be something, though I reallly don't know how it's going to end. I'm not even entirely certain of the middle yet. But I'm getting closer to it; the feeling of it is building.

Seven Weeks

Staying on schedule is wonderful. I can't believe I've been working on this for seven complete weeks! Time is flying. I've got a long way to go. At least 20 more weeks - I don't know where that puts me. Somewhere in August I guess. And that's still a fairly short book. It would also mean I can keep up the pace - not sure if that's possible. HA. I'll just have to keep at it and see what happens. Completing it would be enough for me, after all those half started things. After all those never finished things. HA.

30 Days Complete

Staying ahead of schedule feels great! It really lessens the pressure, and makes the writing easier. I'm just staying ahead, so we won't think about increasing the minimum requirement. It's a good pace, 2,000 words per week for a guy with kids, a wife, and a fulltime job (that sadly is not writing). New ideas seem to come no their own from the story itself, which is an excellent sign. Hopefully they are not staying too far, or making themselves too big. I don't know that any have been significant enough to carry a large weight in the story. But they could mean something later on.

5 Weeks Plus

I've finally done it - gotten back ahead of schedule. It feels quite good, like I'm at least keeping on it. Plus I've made it more than 10,000 words. That's quite the milestone, but there's another 40 or 50 (or more) thousand to go. It feels so far away...it's taken me a month to get this far. So let's do a little math and guess it'll take another 4 months at least, or July or later. I'm making a long commitment here - am I ready? After marriage I should be, but it feels daunting. So let's go back to not thinking about that, and just think about getting each night's work done.

Day 21

The last stretch has gone pretty well. I'm nearly caught up! Almost unbelievable. I don't know amount of it will be used in the end, but that's never the point. Soon I will cross over the 10,000 word mark. I haven't written that much for one piece in a long time, probably ten or more years. I wish I could remember how far I had gotten on the dreadful work I spent a lot of time on before I started college. I think it was nearing 30,000 words. That would only be one-third of what I need here, by the time you take out bad grammar and useless scenes.