12 Weeks

Writing is this addiction I have. If I don't do it, then I get all cranky and sad and angry. If I do it, I'm flying high for a while until the rush ends. Yet, as much as I want that fix, it can be really challenging to make the time and effort to do so. I suppose if I let it take over my life, then everything would be okay. Except paying the bills and such. We're in need of substantial arts grants, or maybe just in need of a better system altogether that rewards people for doing meaningful things the right way rather than cheating, lying, and stealing. I am stopping this post before it gets political or something near that. Enjoy the weekend whoever you are reading this silly little blog that was supposed to be about the challenge of making time to write, or maybe it was supposed to be about the actual writing I was doing so that it could sort of promote the novel. I don't know what it's become instead.

Total Word Count: 
24,174 words
Desired Word Count: 
24,000 words