8 weeks

I am keeping pace still, but I did lose a bit of my "ahead" work/words. So I guess I was a little subpar this week. I'll take it. There has been a few tight deadlines that have hit this week. So I'll hide behind those excuses while I have a slower week. But we're keeping at it, and that's what's important. I suppose I might be more than one-quarter done now. That would be something, though I reallly don't know how it's going to end. I'm not even entirely certain of the middle yet. But I'm getting closer to it; the feeling of it is building. Will the second half of the book write easily because it will only be resolution? I guess I'm about to find out...in a month or two. Ha.

Total Word Count: 
16,032 words
Desired Word Count: 
16,000 words