500 Words per Day

18 Days In

Still behind, but staying about the same behind. An improvement, but it's not enough. I'll keep at it, and get there. That is the promise to myself. So I'm at a much better level for the time being.

I need to think more about the scenes and what they might say. Or rather just to write them for now. They can say what they will until I figure out what the whole thing is going to say. Keep the ideas coming.

Day Fifteen

Fifteen. That's a terrible hand in blackjack - which is similar to how I feel about my present goal. I think  it's better to set a goal that's achievable. I'm trading in 5 days of writing for 4 to see if that's something I can keep up with - in other words only 2000 per week. It took me 12 days instead days to do that last time. So just a bit slower than the pace needed.

We won't go back and readjust the old values though of course. Moving forward from here it's only 2k per week. Let's go!

12 Days Now

Finally, a good night of writing. In fact, ahead of the pace I set out to match. So I regained a bit of ground, but still much to cover. A lot of work just to keep up. I will not give up and I will not fear the unknown future of the story.

I have been told you have to write your way to the ending. And I'll certainly be doing that since I've only got ideas for five or six chapters. And I bet this is going to take twenty to get it done.

Eight Days In

Here we are. You're reading and I'm writing. It's day 8, and you've gotten bored because I'm only at day 5 writing level. You're wondering what I do with my spare time. I watch TV if you must know. It's a waste of life and my time, but after work and kids that what I want. Bordom. When I'm recharged and ready to go, the clock says it's time to get ready for bed so that I'm not too tired for the next day.

Day 4

Four days in and I'm already behind schedule. I've managed to keep myself busy enough to forget to write one day and almost forget a second. So I will have to make up for it. That's what the weekends are for, right?

The ideas are coming though, but there is no end yet. Only weeks or months to go.

Day 1

I finally started actually writing today. I'm not sure how far I will get without plotting it all out. But I couldn't wait until I turned forty to come up with an ending. So we'll get there organically.

Is there a science to all of this? I don't know. Writing school taught me to go with the flow and write through it all, until it works. The story is probably out there somewhere, waiting for me to find it.

The journey has begun to dig up the pirate loot!

The Beginning

The idea has come - and the pit filled with mud. I am going to publicly display my writing progession as a motivation technique...

Currently I am hashing out some early ideas, letting the cloud of characters grow closer, gather gravity, and form into some shapes.

Eventually the idea is to write about the writing and log how much has been done so that I can stay on task. Why? Because life has been filled with other obligations that I refuse to find the strength to bypass.

So no more excuses. Time to write.