Maxine Sapulette

This site was created in conjunction with Interactive Xperience.

I installed and modified the WordPress theme. I updated the header and removed it from non-home pages. The sidebar was also filled with custom widgets.


Recently I made some small changes to a theme in WordPress to incorporate a search engine iframe from another site. When a visit goes to a page of a city or country, the search iframe automatically looks it up and provides travel results.

With the powerful Magic Fields plugin, I created posts to hold information about the cities and countries.

Nice to Speed You Room Module

Again working on Nice to Speed You. This project is with Interactive Xperience.

This module is to work with a custom flash video meeting module. Members can chat face to face during speed dating round robins.

The module creates the rooms and handles counts of users in the rooms. It also removes the users when they leave.

Nice to Speed You

I've been working closely with the designer of the Nice to Speed You dating website.

A while back I created a custom Drupal 6 module allowing members to chat with only those with reciprical likes. It uses the DrupalChat module as the basis for the actually chatting.

I also completed the theme intergration, from the wireframes to the working theme.

Interactive Experience Website

A recent site I completed some custom Drupal work for had me creating a couple slide shows with the views slideshow module.

Tabbed Color Chart

Recently I put together a tabbed color chart for a grout company. The problem was allowing customers to select the color and size before reaching their shopping cart. The backend is just a few php arrays so the colors and product IDs can be easily changed.

With jQuery this was a simple project. I created a few sections for the colors to go into. I use the jQuery to show the one that is selected.

The customer picks a radio-button color, which puts the selection into the form. Then the customer can purchase the color and size.

Art and Beyond

I just completed setting up this site: From start to finish I set up this website. The design was provided by the site owner. I customized a theme and installed the proper plugins for the wordpress system.

Search with jQuery

You can use AJAX through jQuery to search your MySQL database. It's as simple as setting up a php file to handle the search input, creating the input, and a space for the results to be returned. First, you'll need to set up the input box and the return data div.


Next, you'll create your page with the search box and returned data. You'll need to set up the jQuery to take the data as you type.


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