Focus blur field fillers

Do you need a fast easy way to add default text in your form input text fields? Here's a quick solution with jQuery. First make a text field.

<form id="form">
	<input type="text" id="textfield" />

Then add the javascript after the jQuery file.

Multiple select list disable

Let's say you have several select dropdowns on the same form. You want three different answers for the same question or a similar one. But you don't want the user to select the same option more than once. This simple jQuery setup with help you out.

There are two parts to the code. One to find which option has been selected and disable it in the other options lists.

Creating a simple parallax effect

One of the latest crazes in web design is the parallax effect, or a 3D effect created by layering. You can find a really amazing, complicated design at NikeBetterWorld. Recently I created the effect on a much simpler scale for a small wakeboarder's website. I used jQuery to get the job done. The function works as follows:

Tablets Plugin

On this WordPress site I modified the theme and added some custom pages to handle the tablets comparisons. First, there is a page to show all the tablets for selection. Second, once selected another custom page shows the tablets details side-by-side.


Once again working with Interactive Xperience

Natalia Kosk

I did this WordPress site some time ago for a local (Chicago) writer and photographer. It's a basic WP theme set up to manage her site.


Interactive Experience Website

A recent site I completed some custom Drupal work for had me creating a couple slide shows with the views slideshow module.

New Graceful Quill Website

Recently this amazing Chicago calligrapher (okay she's my wife) told me she wanted a new website. So we set about creating something. She's on a purple kick so we used purple for the design.

Tabbed Color Chart

Recently I put together a tabbed color chart for a grout company. The problem was allowing customers to select the color and size before reaching their shopping cart. The backend is just a few php arrays so the colors and product IDs can be easily changed.

With jQuery this was a simple project. I created a few sections for the colors to go into. I use the jQuery to show the one that is selected.

The customer picks a radio-button color, which puts the selection into the form. Then the customer can purchase the color and size.

Search with jQuery

You can use AJAX through jQuery to search your MySQL database. It's as simple as setting up a php file to handle the search input, creating the input, and a space for the results to be returned. First, you'll need to set up the input box and the return data div.


Next, you'll create your page with the search box and returned data. You'll need to set up the jQuery to take the data as you type.

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