Webmin Nginx Module 0.06 Release

This update makes the module start/stop/restart NginX properly again. No other updates yet. But I am working on links to the other configuration files for NginX and more UI-friendly handling of the virtual servers. Download the update here.

The module is now also listed on the webmin third-party modules page. http://www.webmin.com/cgi-bin/search_third.cgi?search=nginx



Thank you for your actually-working NGINX Webmin plugin! It works, just works, and I want to suggest it instead of the (very, very) broken 0.02 version on Webmin's site itself.

Hi Justin.

can I use this module with Debian?

Yes. Debian is what I first used the module on.


I tried to install your NGINX module to FreeBSD - it does not work, says not compatible :(

I think it is not really difficult to get it FreeBSD compatible (at least in NGINX config management).

Do you think it's possible to modify it? I can help you in testing if you don't have FreeBSD installed.

Best regards,


Try the latest version 0.08.

Hi Justin,

I'm really having problems with an Nginx configuration and I was hoping to install your plugin on Centos 6.4. Webmin refuses to install it. Any indeas?


Try the latest version 0.08.