Baseball United

For about a year I've been in development with Baseball United, a website that intends to be the social network for baseball. The site has been built on the Drupal 7 platform. Several custom modules and hundreds of programming hours later, the site is live and active with baseball teams and stats.

Thanks to the new Drupal Commerce module there is a store full of baseball-related products, thus far featuring Akadema. This could not have been done with Ubercart, the old dog of Drupal 6 commerce sites.

Possibly the biggest feature of the site, is the easy-to-use stats. With custom modules, the stats are taking shape, as you can see in this image. For high school, little league, or community leagues this free service has unlimited benefits that would normally be too expensive to enjoy.

Join Baseball United today and get your team playing at a 21st century level off the field.