BooDroo is a site built using Drupal 7. Some of the modules being used are: Commerce, Date, Organic groups, Mobile codes, Rules, and Views. I also created custom modules to communicate with Twilio (a service converting online information into a SMS sent to mobile phones) and to process Commerce carts through Google Checkout. SMS are also saved as content so that users can view messages online, as well as via text messaging.

What is BooDroo you ask? BooDroo is a group text messaging platform that lets you communicate instantly and directly with large groups of people. A group is created to send SMS to many subscribers at once, allowing a company to advertise or a coach to update his players on the changed practice time.

Drupal fortunately has many modules to help build the site, instead of needing to build it all from scratch. Organic groups are used to tie SMS messages to each group. This allows groups to be private if they wish. Mobile codes is used to add QR codes to each group. Making it easier for admins to get more users to join their group. Commerce is used to process the cart and checkout process.

Using rules, recurring charges are made through Google Checkout to a customer's account to continue SMS conversion service each month.