Nginx nearing beta

I know some people are excited about the nginx webmin module I'm working on. I'd just like to give a quick update about the status of the module. I can't say when the first release will happen, or how well it'll work on systems other than Debian at this point, but I'm loosely hoping for the end of this week. Maybe June 11. 2010. You can view the project page here: nginx module.

Currently, the module can:

  • Start nginx server
  • Stop nginx server
  • Reload changes to config files
  • Read and change virtual host files
  • Read and change base config file and a proxy file

I plan to complete these features before I release the beta version:

  • Create virtual host config files
  • Test the config files (if you wish) before starting or reloading server

After the beta release then I start working on the button style interface, reducing the need to know as much nginx config. This will make the module very similar to the present apache module for webmin.